Terms & Conditions (Matrix Homeserver)

1. Introduction.

Please read carefully this information provided.

We want to make sure that this document stays clear as possible. If you have additional questions regarding your data or our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll gladly want to help you.

From now, “the server” or “this server” can be read as the Matrix homeserver in which we are providing access to you.

2. What is Matrix?

Matrix is a decentralized and secure open-source project that aims to provide an open standard for communication. You can think about it in the same way as email works, but with focus in messaging/calls. You may want to read more about Matrix.

We are using this open standard along with Synapse (the “default” implementation of it) to provide our services.

3. Your data.

Matrix provides a secure standard which ensures that your data remains encrypted. Therefore, we don’t have direct access to your data.

Be aware that while nobody but you can’t access your data directly, we still have encrypted content in our platform. Currently, we use Atlantic.net as our cloud provider, which have physical access to this server (your data is being stored in the US!).

The login process is external. We use Auth0 as an intermediary. Only your login data is currently stored in their databases.

We can’t and won’t read your encrypted chats. We are making this server to let our data stay private.

But we’ll still can read public unencrypted chats, but only if needed (illegal content).

We are currently using Cloudflare to connect to our services.

4. Reliability.

We are in beta. Furthermore, we’ll want to make sure that everything works without downtimes, but it is impossible for us to ensure an 99.9% uptime.

We are probably going to make changes in the future, so expect maintenance in the future (we’ll inform you at least 3 days before that happen).

5. Exercising Your Rights.

If you live in Canada, European Union, México, or the United States and you think something is not allowing you to exercise your rights, contact us as soon as possible. We truly care about that.

6. Other.

Contact us as soon as possible if you know that a user in our network is uploading, transferring, selling or showing illegal content. For any content related to children, please inform your authorities and contact us, we’ll make sure to help in the process.

Since this service depends on a donation system, we are mostly confident that our userbase is over the legal age of majority. If you are not, you are not allowed to use this service, unless a legal guardian has read and accepted our terms in your behalf.

Contact E-Mail: [email protected]